It’s that time of year that so many students dread – exam results! Having slaved away for years leading up to GCSEs, A Levels or BTECs, results day really can feel like it is make or break for your future. This is true whatever option you have chosen as your next step, whether you are jumping straight into a job, apprenticeship or going down the University route. Now, we at Point hate to pessimistic, it’s just not in our nature, so what do you do if you are moving into the world of work and you don’t have a string of A*s to present to a future employer? Well, we have some great advice for you on how you can find a great job despite not having the best grades.

Sign up to volunteer

Look for voluntary positions that could give you work experience, opportunities, training and skills that are relevant to the job you would eventually like to apply for. This may or may not be within a company that you would like to work for, however if you manage to get a placement with a target company, your time there can almost serve as a working interview. It is such a valuable opportunity to develop your skills and showcase what a great, engaged, motivated team member you are.

Emphasise your experience

Make a list of all the skills you have that you can bring to a job – take some time over this and we bet you will be surprised at just how much you have to offer. This is not just experience from work placements or holiday jobs, but also think about extra-curricular activities such as Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh, or National Citizens Service…All of these activities may well have helped you develop skills such as leadership, team work and self-motivation which many UK employers hold in high regard.

Target jobs where personality is more important

Fantastic grades are all well and good, but having the right personality and personal qualities is a big factor in how ‘employable’ someone is. Having great people skills, drive and motivation will prove to be more successful in a sales environment, for example, than someone with top grades, and no ability to talk to customers! At Point, we have numerous jobs where personality is very important for creating a great impression with customers – roles in our Hospitality division such as bar staff, reception or waiting staff are a great example of this.

We hope that we have given you some comfort if your grades aren’t quite as good as expected – it really needn’t mean the end of the world! We are here to help and support you in your search to find a great job, whatever your grades, so why not pop in to speak to one of our team today?