30% Of Workers In The UK Want A New Year, New Job

For many of us, a new year is a great time for a new start. Many people will have ‘Get A New Job’ in the top 10 resolutions for the new year. It’s the time for a new year new job.

A survey was recently completed by Indeed and it found that 30% of workers in the UK will be looking for a new job in the New Year. A further 11% said that a job change for the New Year was definitely on the cards, while another 21% agreed that it was very possible they would be looking for a new job in the New Year too.

While the reasons that people are looking for a new year new job changes from person to person, in many cases the reason people wanted a new job was down to wanting a better salary. Research in 2016 showed that 62% of people were looking to change work in 2017 as they wanted increased wages.

However, 31% of people looking for a new job in New Year were interested in a better title, job role or higher position within a company where they had more responsibility. Research also showed that 41% of people would consider a job change in the New Year is they could find a better work location, nearer to home or with an easier journey to work.

While there are lots of people considering change for the New Year and looking for new opportunities, what does this actually means for employers?

It means that there will be a surge in job seekers so if there is a possible vacancy within the company now is a good time to get it advertised.

However, it also means that your employees will be looking for work elsewhere, so why not take the time to complete employee reviews. See what your team love about their job and what can be improved to make them happier. This will then make your recruitment process easier when looking to attract new talent.

If you need help attracting talent to your business, or recruiting for new employee within your business, please contact us directly. We would be happy to discuss your needs. Are you filling jobs from employees dreams of a new year new job, or are you looking to follow your dream of a new year new job? Our recruitment consultants can help.