Point Professional Recruitment Ltd exploded onto the High Street in Huntingdon in 1989 along with the launch of the World Wide Web!  There was one other local agency and candidates were queuing up outside to register!

Little did our Director, Loraine Rance, know when she opened the office,that Point Professional Recruitment Ltd would still be going strong 34 years on and still based in the same office space, all be it the whole unit rather than just the 2nd floor.

That’s right, Point Recruitment are now boasting 34 years in recruitment.

Ashes to Ashes

It is hard to contemplate how much has changed in the world of recruitment since 1989! 

Can you imagine whatthe latest Z-generation would make of our office back then! No mobile phones, no email, no computers!!!! When computers were introduced it was one per office, that everyone shared when you wanted to do some research on the world wide web. 

Client, candidate and job files were handwritten cards that were stored in desktop filing systems that spun around for ease of access – affectionately known as whirlygigs.  CV’s were distributed by fax or post and company information came in the bulky and costly form of the company brochure.

To attract Candidates, jobs were advertised in the local press, which proved slow and expensive and the only way to develop relationships with prospective businesses – pick up the phone or drop in – no hiding behind emails.

Client relationships were stronger – after all they completely relied on your knowledge of the marketplace!

Fast forward 34 years

The greatest changes have come from Technology.  Mobile phones, texting, computers on every desk, emails, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, social media, skype – imagine you can register someone without them even coming into your office!  CV’s can be sent in a split second to your client’s inbox – whether they asked for them or not and no gate keepers!!

You can find out everything you need to know about their business, it’s all there on the internet – or is it??

We are an agency with 34 years in recruitment; this makes us an older recruitment agency. Check out our blog post to hear how our older recruitment agency in Huntingdon, compares with the newer recruitment agencies out there.

There is no other recruitment agency with 34 years of recruitment under their belts. Speak to our incredible recruitment consultants and you’ll quickly see the difference, and why we have lasted the test of time!