4 Advantages Of A Telesales Job In Huntingdon

Here at Point Recruitment we have a lot of telesales job vacancies in Huntingdon and surrounding areas at present. These can be great job opportunities for job seekers of all ages. Whether you are looking for a new job with fresh challenges, want something to work around the children, an evening job, part time job or temp work – a telesales job in Huntingdon could be perfect for you!

As well as a telesales job in Huntingdon being great due to the variety of hours and working options, there are other advantages of working in telesales. We have shared just some of the advantages of a telesales job in Huntingdon below for you.

  • Enhanced Skills

When working in telesales you will improve your communication skills and boost your confidence too. By working as a ‘voice’ for many well known companies you will gain an understanding of how businesses present, market promote themselves. These skills will be extremely valuable to future employees.

  • Grow Your Salary

Many telesales roles give you an opportunity to pretty much write your own pay check. There may be a basic salary, and then bonuses and commission available on top of this if you do a good job. There are very few jobs out there that pay you extra for ‘doing your job’. You will often find that over time and extra ours are available here and there, so you can grow your salary that way too.

  • Constant Professional Development

In many roles you are given on the job training when you start, then that is where it is left. However, in the telesales industry the training and professional development is continuous. You will attend regular training sessions to learn new techniques, better customer service and stronger communication tips. You’ll also be paid while gaining professional development!

  • You’re The Voice

Lots of well-known businesses and brands use telemarketing and telesales services. Working in a telesales job in Huntingdon will give you the opportunity to become the voice of businesses and brands that you know and love. If you are using a telesales role to fill a gap in your career you can list the brands you have been a ‘voice’ for in your CV. This will be very attractive to a future potential employer.

Are you ready for a telesales job in Huntingdon? Call us now to talk about the telesales vacancies we currently have available.