In the digital age we live in, we are all used to sharing many aspects of our lives on our social media. There is no doubt this can be fun, after all it’s good to share, and it is often a great way of seeing what friends are up to. However, when it comes to looking for employment, you may be sharing a little more than you think. It could even damage your chances of getting that dream job, or any job! Did you know that over 70% of employers now look at candidates’ social media profiles when they are sifting through CVs? First impressions count, so cleaning up your social media profile when looking for a new job is one of the most important bits of prep you can do. Luckily for you, we have a handy list to help you do just that with our 4 Ps!

Profile Pic

Take a look at your profile pic and think about what it says about you. Is this the image that you would like to project to a prospective employer? It is best to play safe and have a profile pic that is friendly, and approachable. Leave the mad, zany photo of you and a mate on a night out for another time and place!

Profile info

Read through your profile information and reflect on how you sound to an employer. The information that you have on your profile should be well written, positive and honest. Whilst you may have strong opinions, and there is nothing wrong with expressing them – make sure your language doesn’t tip over into being offensive or insulting. Honesty is the best policy – don’t be tempted to make wild claims about successes or skills – you will be found out in the end!


A picture tells a thousand words apparently and even though the reality may be perfectly innocent – appearance is key. Clean out the photos of you and your mates on holiday, nights out if they do not paint you in a very good light. You may wish to ensure that you update your security settings so you cannot be tagged in photos without your permission. And also make sure you have no offensive material, or images in your photos.


Posts are a fantastic way to express opinions, share news, comment on events, share humour. However, it is always advisable to make sure that your language is inoffensive, well-judged and fair. Opinions matter, and an employer may quickly form a negative one if they see someone who posts insults on social media. Go back through your previous posts and check that they are in line with our advice – some employers will look back over a few years as part of their background checks.

If you are in any doubt about anything that you have on your social media, you can always ask our team who will be happy to advise. A great measure for you to follow is – Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your granny to see!