A Look At Why Flexible Working Is Good For Business

Flexible working is something that has become more common since the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. We have all heard of it and how it works. However, how many businesses actively offer it? Further to that, how many employees take their employer up on the offer of flexible working?

In this blog post we look at why flexible working is good for business. But before we do that, let’s look at the stats. Research by Digital Mums reported that if every business in the UK offered more flexible working options the economy as a whole could be boosted by a he £62.5 million every year!

Of course, there are some jobs where flexible working and working from home is not an option. Think of a chef, a waitress or a warehouse supervisor for example. However, if you can offer flexible working for your employees, you will quickly see why flexible working is good for business.

Below we have shared just some of the many reasons that flexible working is good for business.

  • Capture Missing Talent

Digital Mums reports that there are around 2.6 million mums in the UK that are not working. However, 7 in 10 of them have said that they would go back to work if flexible working was an option. Just think, with 2.6 million mums out there, what skills and missing talents could they bring to your business? By offering flexible working, you could find out!

  • Money Saving

A lot of businesses, especially smaller businesses, do not have the funds or physical office space available to hire full-time employees. Instead, through part-time work and flexible working opportunities a business can gain the additional team members they need without maxing out the operational costs for the business.

  • A Wider Pool

If you want to catch more fish, you fish in a wider pool. It’s the same for employees. If you want to capture the right employees for your team and wider the talent pool, you’ll get the new workers that you need. Offering flexible working enables you to wider this talent pool. Potential employees won’t need to be within commuting space of the office. Instead, they can be located anywhere in the UK, or across the world!

  • Committed Employees

Flexible working is still hard to come by. This means that if you employ someone that loves the flexible working opportunity you have gives them, they will work hard to keep it. These employees will work hard to exceed expectations. This is because they have found a job they enjoy, and a job that works around them and their family schedule.

  • A Happy Team

Who doesn’t want happy employees in their team? This is another reason that flexible working is good for business. Your employees will have a better work – life balance. They will be less likely to suffer with stress and sick days will be lower too. By giving your employees control over their working patterns, you’ll have happier employees and a happier team too.

Need help finding new employees for your business or setting up flexible working for your team? Call our professional recruitment consultants now who will be only too happy to help.