In this digital age, where we are busier than ever, video interview is becoming much more commonplace.  It saves both parties so much time trying to fit in a face to face interview around busy work schedules and has the added advantage that it can be recorded to share with other colleagues for collaboration in the interview process. It often does not replace a face to face interview entirely, and you may find that after the initial video interview, you also have a secondary face to face. However, mastering the art of the video interview is a must, so here are our essential tips…

Prepare your stage

  • Close other programmes down – unwanted pop ups and reminders don’t create a good impression and will serve as a huge distraction.
  • Background – ensure that it is clean and tidy, with no offensive or confidential posters, notes etc on show.
  • Make sure you have no mirrors behind you – an unwanted reflection is not the way to create a good first impression!
  • Try not to sit with your back to any windows – passers-by who could pop up at the window may not be the impact that you want.
  • Close windows – this way you minimise any external noise which will distract and may make it hard to hear each other.
  • If you have a shared house, warn others not to barge in and make any noise.

Prepare you!

  • Dress smartly, at least from waist up – be like a newsreader!
  • No loud patterns, white or black – these are all distracting or too bright on camera. It’s best to stick to neutral solid colours.
  • Keep hair and face neat and tidy, as you would at a face to face interview.

Body language

  • Maintain good eye contact as you would at a face to face interview. To do this you will need to make sure that you look at the camera, not the screen!
  • Don’t be tempted to look at the little box of yourself – it’s too distracting for you and the interviewer, and makes you look unengaged.
  • Sit up straight and no lounging around in an armchair! This will make you look bored, and way too relaxed about getting the job.
  • Remember to smile! This makes you look like you’re engaged, enthusiastic and motivated to get the job.

And one final bit of advice – it’s always a good idea to log on early. That way, if there are any last-minute adjustments or technical difficulties to iron out, you have plenty of time. Good luck!