Are Traditional Interviews Failing Your Business?

Traditional interviews are the standard interviews that we have had for years. They are the same questions, format and layout that you had when you were interviewed, and your boss had when they were interviewed. However traditional interviews are failing.

Research shows that traditional interviews are failing business owners in three main areas;

  1. 63% of business owners believe that traditional interviews do not help them with assessing the soft skills of a candidate.
  2. 57% of business owners find that traditional interviews do not give them a clear understanding of candidate weaknesses. 
  3. 42% of business owners feel that traditional interviews leave too much room for bias of those interviewing.
  4. 36% of business owners find that the process of traditional interviews is too long. By the time decisions are made the candidates interviews often find work elsewhere and the business suffers in the meantime.
  5. 18% of business owners struggle with traditional interviews as they don’t know the best questions to ask the candidates.

There have been some innovations to overcome the failings of traditional interviews. For example 59% of business owners include soft skills assessments in their candidate interviews. Meanwhile 54% of business owners run job auditions and 53% of business owners have interviews in casual settings instead of the office.

What have worked really well in some industries are interviews that work as virtual reality assessments. 28% of recruiting businesses are finding success by including virtual reality assessments as part of their interviews.

18% of businesses are choosing to speed up their interview process by utilising video interviews as a first stage interview.

What does your interview process like? Could your interview process be failing your business and turning away potential talent? Contact our recruitment team now and we can talk through your recruitment process with you. We can also recommend ways that you can improve your recruitment process to attract and hire the best talent for your business.