Top Tips For Your Business To Attract The Best Temporary Workers

If your business has times when temporary workers are required, it is important that you are set up to attract the best temporary workers. In this blog post we have put together some top tips to help you, the employer or business owner, to attract the best temp workers to your business.

Attract Temp Workers by Offering Fair Pay.

Consider the amount you are offering to pay your temporary workers. Make sure that it is a fair rate for the type of service they offer your business. Also think about benefits you can offer the temporary workers. Things such as paid lunch breaks, free hot beverages or similar benefits. These could tempt them to your business for temporary work.

Attract Temp Workers by Offering a Supportive Workplace.

There should not be a ‘them and us’ feeling between temp and permanent workers. This can be counter-productive to the business. Make sure staff inductions and team introductions are completed. This means all employees, temporary or permanent, can feel part of the team and can work together smoothly.

Attract Temp Workers with the Bonus of Added Skills.

Think about the additional skills and credible experience that a temporary worker will gain by working for you in a temporary role. Make sure you include these in temporary job role adverts. This will help to attract the best temporary workers to your business. This could be a skill they don’t have and it could really add to their CV going forward.

Attract Temp Workers with the Possibility of More Work.

If it is possible that temporary work could lead to longer contracts or even permanent work, then mention this. The attraction of permanent work can be a massive bonus for some temp workers, who are just doing temp work until permanent work comes along. However, only state this if it is possible that future work could arise.

Attract the Best Temp Workers by Outsourcing Your Recruitment.

You’re great at what you do. By taking you away from that job or responsibility and working on recruitment you are removing your skills from the business. Why not outsource your temporary recruitment needs to a temporary recruitment consultant that is highly experienced and skilled in attracting the best temporary workers to businesses just like yours?