While video interviewing gained its popularity during coronavirus lockdown, it seems that it is here to stay for a lot of business owners and recruiters. Video interviewing has sped up the interview process for a lot of employers. This has meant that they have reduced the risk of missing out on top talent to a faster moving employer or competitor.

So, what are the benefits of video interviewing?

Pre-Recorded Applications

Instead of reading through CVs and cover letters, why not ask your candidates to apply via video. This allows you to see what a candidate is really like and if they are the right fit for your business. Company culture is so important. You often can’t see if people match your culture from just their CV and cover letter. A video tells you so much more about the candidate.

Reduce Time to Hire

If you have candidates with heavy work schedules or that don’t live nearby, video interviews are perfect. You don’t need to wait until the candidate can book a day’s holiday to come and see you. Instead you can arrange a video interview. You can quickly schedule and run interviews at times that suit you and your candidate, but you can invite colleagues too.

Reduce Travel Time and Costs

Having video interviews instead of in-person interviews will help save on travel costs for you and the new recruit. It will also save on time. Previously you may have had 10 interviews in a day, giving time for each to arrive, have interview and leave. With video interviews you can complete interviews in a much faster time with the same results.

Get To Know The Real Person

Video interviews give you a chance to learn more about the person you are interviewing. Perhaps there are photos of children in the background, so you can tell they are family focused and therefore less ‘flighty’ as they have a family to support. Maybe there are awards or trophies next to them. Do they have a hobby they are dedicated to? There may be some amazing transferable skills or personal connections through this hobby.

Need help with video interviewing? Call our recruitment team now. We can have a practice online with you and share some great advice with you too.