In recent weeks we have seen and heard of many employees becoming furloughed. There is lots of news in the media about what this means for the employer. But what does this mean for the employee? In this blog post we answer the common employee FAQs regarding furlough.

Can I Work For My Employer If I’m Furloughed?

Your employer will notify you if you are being put on furlough. At this point you cannot undertake any work for your employer during this period. You will remain employed by the company during this period. The government will give your employer 80% of your salary to pay you, they can then choose to made his up to 100% or not. The scheme was expected to run for 3 months, but it may be extended if necessary.

Can I Work Somewhere Else If I’m Furloughed?

This is a slightly grey area as the government have not confirmed a straight answer to this, yet! As a furloughed employee you may be able to take on another job role while in furlough. However, this other job must not breach your contractual obligations with your current employer. You should only work hours outside your normal hours, such as evening or weekend job if you normally work 9am-5pm for example.

Can I Volunteer During Furlough?

You can become a volunteer during furlough. However the volunteer work you do must not include offering services to or generating revenue for the business, or on behalf of the business. There are lots of charities, communities and even groups within the NHS that are shouting for volunteer support at this time. This can be a really effective and positive way of spending your furlough.

Can I Do Training While On Furlough?

You can complete training while on furlough. Many people find this a great time to learn new skills and gain new qualifications. Training is also a great way to keep you busy when you can’t work. If your employer requires you to complete online training courses during your furlough then you must be paid National Living Wage or National Minimal Wage, even if this is more than 80% of your wage that has been subsided.

If you’ve furloughed, what are you choosing to do with your time?