Difference Between A Temporary And Fixed-Term Contract

In some industries you will come across temporary contracts and fixed-term contracts. Some people will commonly be hired on a temporary contract. While others will be hired on a fixed term contract. This may make sense to the employer, but the candidate can often be confused as to what a temporary and a fixed term contract is, and what the difference is.

Here at Point Recruitment in Huntingdon we want to help. In this blog post we share the difference between a temporary and a fixed term contract.

  • What Is A Temp Contract?

Temp workers complete a time sheet every week for the hours they have worked, and they are paid by the recruitment agency. While they are working for the employer, they are still on the payroll of the recruitment agency. Temp workers are great for businesses with busy periods, seasonal businesses or if they are looking to grow. A temp contract means that they can have the worker for as long or as short as they choose.

  • What Is A Fixed-Term Contract?

The benefit of temp workers for businesses is the flexibility. However, sometimes a business owner may know exactly how long they need a worker for. For example, it could be to cover maternity leave or to work on a set project. In cases like these, a fixed term contract will be used. This means that the candidate is working for the employer and not on the payroll of the recruitment agency. One weeks’ notice period will then be required from the employer to the worker before the end of the fixed-term contract.

  • Is A Fixed Term Or Temporary Contract Better?

Both options are better in different circumstances, so it is hard to choose one over the other. It really depends on the needs of the business and the work requirements of the candidate. If you are unsure of the best contract for you or your business, speak to our recruitment consultants. They will happily talk through the pros and cons so you can choose the best contract option for your needs.

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