Do This Before You Start Your New Job Search

You might feel excited and raring to start your new job search. That’s great news and it’s good to be enthusiastic. However, there are some things that you need to ask yourself before starting your new job search. By asking yourself these questions first you’ll be able to ensure that you land the right job for you and your career.

Why Change?

Why have you decided you want to change jobs? You need to be really honest with yourself. Is it because there is no room for progression in your current role.? Does the salary make you unhappy? Do you find you don’t get on with your boss? Perhaps you feel like it’s just the wrong career, job or company for you. These are all good reasons to start your new job. But it is important to know what you are looking for and remind yourself why you are leaving.

Transferable Skills?

Think about the skills that you have and the skills you can take into a new job role. By writing down these skills you may also be able to find direction to your next career or dream job. Think about the skills you have gained and the skills that you enjoy using. These can be from paid jobs, past jobs, volunteering or even hobbies. Widen your thinking about your skills, write them all down on a list and see where the list leads you.


While you may have a dream future job in mind, you need to think about how you can get there. You need to be realistic. If the job you want is at the top of a company, a highly experienced or specialist role for example, you will need experience for it. This means that when you start you new job search you need to look for a stepping-stone job. A job that will give you the experience that you need. It will mean it’s not your dream job straightaway, but it will mean that you are a step closer. However, if you do have the experience, then go for it. Believe in yourself and you might be surprised.

When you have answered these questions, you will be able to see what jobs you can realistically look for. At this point you can check our latest jobs in Cambridge and surrounding areas. Or you can contact our recruitment consultants directly to talk through the sorts of jobs that you are looking for.