Does Social Media Help Recruitment in Huntingdon?

Social media is a growing trend can’t be ignored. After all, we even have our own business pages on Facebook and Linkedin as we understand what an important asset it is to have as a business, but also as a recruitment agency in Huntingdon.

We came across some research recently reported by Jobvite and we knew we had to share it with you. Social media and recruitment goes hand in hand as an extra channel to share your jobs, promote vacancies and so on. It is also a hotly discussed topic with our clients so we know this research will be of interest to those reading this article.

Jobvite found that a huge 1 in 6 people seeking jobs, credit social media with helping them find their current job. This is a huge amount of people using social media as an extra way that they can find a job. In fact the research found that 40% of job seekers credit either a referral from a professional or personal contact or an online social network in getting them the job they are currently in.

But what other sources are credited when it comes to job hunting in Huntingdon?

  • 32% of job seekers found their current job via an internet job board, such as TotalJobs, Monster, Reed, etc.
  • 31% of those seeking jobs said that they found their current job via a referral from a professional or personal contact online or in person.
  • Newspapers aren’t out of trend either. 26% of job seekers claim that an advert in the newspaper was the way they found their current job.
  • 22% of those seeking jobs found their current job via the company career / vacancies website.
  • 18% of people say they found their current employment via internal job listings for current employees.
  • 16% of people said that they found their job on a social media listing, such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.
  • 13% of people said that they found their job when they attended a careers fair or job fair.
  • 11% of those in employment said that they found their job by using a recruitment agency.

It’s tricky to fully understand these results as often it may be the advert of a recruitment agency you see online, in the local newspaper or at a careers fair for example. However, the case does stand that you need to use social media to promote your vacancies, and if you can’t do it then get a recruitment consultant in Huntingdon to promote your vacancies online for you.