Employee engagement has long been a hot topic within forward thinking businesses and HR professionals in particular. For the first time, we now have 5 generations working together and this creates an even greater challenge for businesses, ensuring that each segment of the workforce is well catered for. Well, we don’t profess to be employee engagement experts, but having worked with so many successful businesses, and witnessed great working environments with engaged teams, we thought we would share some tips we’ve come across:

Firstly, what is Employee Engagement?

It is not just a case of a happy employee; it is much more than that. An engaged employee is well motivated, has a real passion for their job, and will ‘go the extra mile’ to achieve a great result.

Benefits of Employee Engagement for the employer

The benefits are numerous for the employer. An engaged employee is productive, someone who performs really well and ultimately this positively impacts on the bottom line. Engaged employees tend to stick around in a company for longer which means that staff retention is good. These employees also make fantastic brand ambassadors both while they work for the organisation and even after they have moved on. This not only helps spread the word about your fantastic service or product but also encourages other like-minded people to join the company.

This all sounds great, but now, the million-dollar question – how do we create an engaged workforce?

The story

Great leadership gives a strong, consistent story about the goals and aspirations of a business and is echoed by all the leadership teams across the business. Everyone knows the story and has a clear idea of how their role will play a part in achieving that success.

All ears

Communication goes two ways and successful clients that we have worked with always ensure that everyone’s opinion is heard, making their team feel valued and appreciated. One of our client’s CEO sits most lunchtimes with the staff in the canteen and listens to what they have to say; any concerns, ideas etc. are all welcome.

Flex for success

Many staff love flexibility in their working day or at least like to have the option. Whether it is flexible days, times, work areas or even location, it is a great benefit to offer employees who are increasingly trying to achieve a better work life balance.

Grow, grow grow

More and more, employees are on the lookout for companies that will offer numerous growth and development opportunities, even from smaller organisations. Having a line manager who is trained in supporting and motivating each team member to fulfil their career ambitions is vital. Development opportunities can range from online webinars, in-house or external mentoring to professional qualifications taken over a number of years.

We hope this has given you a few ideas on Employee Engagement and how it may be adapted to your business. There are of course many many more ways to improve Employee Engagement and we hope to revisit this in future blog posts – so do keep checking back!

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