Five Fantastic Tips For Writing Job Postings That Work

When hiring new employees for your business it can be hard to know how to attract the right candidates. As professional recruitment experts in Huntingdon, we specialise in getting the right candidates for our clients.

In this blog post we share just some of our tips to help make your hiring process easier. We are sharing five fantastic tips for writing job postings that work!

  1. An Intake Meeting

If the position is currently filled talk to the person about what their job involves and what they love about their job. If they are moving up in the business include this in the job posting. Speak to their line manager about the team and the culture within the team. This information will not only help you write a killer job positing, it will help your job posting stand out from the crowd too!

  • Ideal Candidate

With information about the role, the team and the duties set about creating a candidate persona. Think about the sort of things your candidate is in to and what they do in their spare time. With this in mind you can make sure you write a job posting to appeals to them on a personal level.

  • An Awesome Title

The job title matters. While the job title needs to stand out, keep it simple. Using words like guru and ninja could put candidates off. Think about what people looking for your job will be searching on Google. Use this job name in your job title.

  • Be Personal

Try and be personal to the job seeker. Instead of saying ‘the ideal candidate’ say ‘you’. This will help you connect with the job seeker on a personal level and will make them feel like they are already part of your team.

  • Keep It Simple

Nobody wants to read a job posting that goes on for pages and pages. Instead people want to see a brief and concise job posting that gets straight to the point. Make sure your job posting includes all the information that your job seeker needs. Include the ‘nice stuff’ too like team outings, holidays, birthdays off and similar.

Following these tips for writing job posting that work will help you secure your ideal candidate. Then just rinse and repeat each time you have a new position available in the business. If you don’t have time to create job postings, you don’t know where to post them or don’t have the time to filter through applicants – contact our team.

We can take all the stress away and free up your time, by managing your job posting process. We will book interviews with the right candidates to fit around your schedule.