Sometimes we wonder if we are in the right job. We may have the odd off-day here and there. Other times, we may have off-days every day. Yet, 5 years later we still find ourselves letting our jobs get us down and feeling it is now ‘too late’ to get a new job. We have put together the four signs you need to quit your job. These should help you see if you are in the right job and it’s just a few off-days, or if you really need to quit your job!

  • How’s Work?

When your friends or family ask how work is going, how do you feel? If you find yourself wrinkling your nose, shrugging or replying with “yeah, it’s okay” then this could be a sign you need to quit your job. Do you find yourself avoiding answering the question, diverting it to someone else, or just feeling really uncomfortable? Then you may need to reconsider the job you’re doing and the job you want.

  • Feeling Motivated?

Are you jumping out of bed in the morning excited to get to work and get started? Or, do you spend the day wondering when it’s too soon to go to lunch? Perhaps you are clock watching and putting off work to tomorrow so you can get away on time today? Just as we all have the odd off day, we will all have days when we don’t feel motivated too. However, if you’re feeling unmotivated more often than not; it may be time to consider a job change.

  • How Was Your Day?

Maybe you’re meeting friends after work or you have walked in the house and you are asked “How was your day?”. What’s the answer you give? If you have nothing positive to say about the day, or the only positive things you say are about the commute and your lunch break – you might not be as happy at work as you thought you were. Stop and think about your work. If the negatives outweigh the positives, then it’s time to quit your job and find something new.

  • No Future

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you are unhappy in your role, but you still see yourself in that position in 5 years – is it really the right job for you? Maybe you see yourself somewhere else, in a different company in 5 years. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you seek out that great new job now? If you don’t see this position in your future, why are you hanging about there?

If you have read this blog and think you’re showing all the signs of being ready to quit your job, give us a call. We can help you create the perfect CV to ensure that you get a new job that you love.