Putting employees on furlough wouldn’t have been an easy decision. It’s hard for you and your business, but it’s hard for your employees too. Here at Point Recruitment we strongly believe that how you treat people now is how you will be remembered when we come out the other end. It is important that employers can support furloughed employees now, so they can increase their team morale and staff retention.

But what are the ways that employers can support furloughed workers?

Employee Assistance Program

Do you have an EAP, or Employee Assistance Programme? Your furloughed staff members will still have access to this. We would recommend that you remind them of the details and encourage them to use. It is likely that your EAP will offer counselling services and advice on family and financial problems. Make sure you explain this to employees as advice and guidance on these matters during these unprecedented times could be exactly what they need.

Well-Being Calls

Set up regular calls with individuals or teams. Furloughed staff members are unable to work for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support them. A team well-being call could be a really good way of showing employees they are not alone and others are sharing the same struggles. Tips and ideas for coping could then be shared in the group. These well-being calls will help reduce any feelings of social isolations that colleagues may be facing too.

Mental Well-Being

Encourage furloughed employees to think about their mental health and how they can manage it during lock down. Why not send regular emails with top tips for good mental health or ideas of things that employees can do during lock down. There are lots of great ideas on the Mental Health UK website.


Speak to your employees about volunteering. They may be unsure if they are allowed to volunteer when on furlough. You can explain your rules in regards to volunteering. Share ideas of places they can volunteer. Volunteering and helping others is really good for a person’s mental health and there are so many organisations that need these amazing volunteers.

The key is communication. Be as transparent, open and honest as possible during this uncertain time. Keep employees in the loop, whether they are in work, working from home or furloughed.

How are you supporting your furloughed employees?