How Long Will My Christmas Job Last?

As you will see from adverts in our High Street recruitment agency window and posts on social media, we have loads of great Christmas jobs up for grabs. However many candidates want to know how long a Christmas job will last. While this is like asking how long a piece of string is, we can help answer this question.

If you are considering a Christmas job to earn some extra money this festive season, you’re in between jobs or on school holidays, then this is a must read blog post for you if you’re wondering how long you will be in your Christmas job.

On average a Christmas job will last from a few weeks to a few months. A business employs temporary workers to cover them when business gets busier or staff need holidays over the festive period. The length of the contract depends entirely on the job role, the business and the employer. However when you speak to our recruitment consultants about a job for Christmas we can give you a rough guide of how long the job is expected to last.

Much like the length of contract, the amount of hours you work in a job for Christmas will vary too, dependent on the business and the employer. If you are looking for Christmas employment to work around family responsibilities, another job, or in-between school terms, just tell us. We will find the perfect Christmas vacancy to suit your requirements.

Some festive job descriptions will give you the exact hours and contract length, while other employers will require new recruits for their busiest weeks and the sooner the rush is over, the sooner the contract comes to an end.

Like we said, if you have a certain amount of hours or set days and times you would like to work over Christmas just let us know. Lots of our clients have Christmas jobs available at the moment. It is extremely likely that we have a Christmas vacancy suitable for you and your employment requirements.