How To Banish Distractions When Working From Home

When it was first announced that people would be working from home, there was some excitement. Employees envisioned a time of peace, quiet and solitude. The lack of workplace distractions made for an outlook of a more productive future.

However, as the weeks seem to have dragged by, working from home seems to come with its own distractions too. The laser focused attention that you created in the workplace has been worn down in your own home. You’re not alone; thousands of employees now working from home are experiencing the exact same thing.

In this blog post we would like to share some top ways that you can banish distractions when working from home. Working from home could continue for more days, week and months for some people – these distractions will be here then too!

Don’t Do It All At Once

When you have that huge to-do list it can weigh heavily on your mind. The list is likely to be a mix of work tasks, important work tasks, the admin work tasks, tasks with home schooling and some non work-related chores too. While you might think you will save time popping the washing on when making a cup of tea, you’ll quickly loose hours in the working day. Just as you did when working in the office, focus on work during work hours, then home stuff after work.

Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

None of us have any say in how the virus will affect us personally and in our work life. We can stay at home and follow guidance, to reduce the risk, but we have no control over the virus. You need to let go that need to be in control. Maybe colleagues aren’t working as hard as you, neighbours aren’t isolating or friends aren’t home schooling. While this may be annoying, you need to let it go. It’s not conductive to good mental health and will draw your attention and focus away from work too.

Create Clear Boundaries

Try and create a dedicated space where you will work. This will make it easier to get into work mode. You will work when you are in this space, and when you have finished for the day, you don’t return to that space. It’s really important to keep clear lines between your personal and professional lives, especially when they can be so easy to cross over when you’re working from home.

Why You Need To Banish Distractions When Working From Home

If you are distracted during the day you feel like you have not done enough work. This then leads to working later each day, or starting earlier. These small distractions and household chores you complete during the ‘working hours’ can mean you lengthen your ‘working day’ by 4-5 hours.

What are your top tips for banishing distractions while working from home?