There isn’t much worse than being stuck in a job you hate. It makes you miserable at work, and grumpy at home. You spend your week wishing it was the weekend, then when the weekend comes you are too busy dreading Monday to enjoy yourself. However, the worst thing about being in a job you hate is that you are so desperate to escape it, you could land yourself in another job you hate.

That’s why we put this blog post together. We want to share with you how you can find a job you’ll love in just 5 easy steps.

Step One

Make sure you are looking for the right job. Don’t just jump at the next job that comes along. Instead think about your dream job. What sort of industries are you interested in? What skills do you have and what responsibilities do you enjoy? When you’ve figures that out, then you can start looking for a job that you’ll really love.

Step Two

Research the job, the industry and the company. While you may think the company is the perfect match, is it the right job role for you? Perhaps you think it could be the perfect job role for you, however if the company values don’t match your own, then it may not be a job that you’ll love. Have a look on sites like to find out what their previous and existing employees say about them.

Step Three

Whatever you do, don’t rush. You may have interviews lined up with different companies, at the first interview you are offered the job. Don’t rush in and say yes. This could you leave you wondering ‘what if’ about the other interviews as you start to realise that this isn’t a job you love. You need to take your time when trying to find a job you’ll love. You really can’t rush into it.

Step Four

It’s not all about the money. One job may offer more money, but it doesn’t mean it is the right money for you. Think about what is important to you. Surely, you’d rather have a job you love than an extra £10 a week in the bank. It’s important to remember this if your existing employee offers you more money to stay. What is it that really makes you happy? Think about how much time you spend at work. It’s important that you’re happy when you are there.

Step Five

If you can, take some time to experiment. Instead of jumping straight into another permanent job, take the time to see what works for you. You could do some temp work in a different job role or industry. Maybe volunteer for a business in your spare time to see if they could be the right employer for you in the future? By exploring different jobs you’ll get a real flavour for what’s out there. You’ll be able to see what you like, and what you really don’t like – without being stuck there!

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