In the past people had one job for life. It was the job their father had and their father before that. However, now there are so many different jobs and careers out there. The career opportunities are endless. If you have decided that a career change is the best way to fix your career blues – then you’re on the right path. Career blues means it is the wrong career for you. A new career is the only option to fix the career blues.

We have put together so top tips on how to fix the career blues. These tips will help you move forward and find the right career for you.

  • Set A Career Action Plan

Having a solid career action plan is the best way to start. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor is your new career. Break down your plan, month by month and week by week. Think carefully about what you can achieve. Then set out how you will achieve it.

  • Check Out The Latest Trends

Take the time to look at the latest career trends and talk to people in different careers and industries. Think about the future of your career path and where it could take you. Job opportunities could be available now that weren’t even a thing when you started your career 5 years ago. Think social media as the perfect example. There are now LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram experts – but there weren’t even around when the ‘experts’ were at school. These careers wouldn’t have been possible to dream for as these people left school.

  • Routine Job Searching

Get yourself into a routine of job searching. Try and set aside time each week to look for new jobs. This could be latest vacancies on websites like ours, in the local media or on job hunting websites (where you can find out jobs too). Another option is partner with a recruitment agency in Cambridgeshire like us. We can then contact you as soon as something comes up that we think you’ll like. You’ll find out about it before we even advertise the new job!

If you think you’re struggling with the career blues, take a step back. Are you having an off-day, or do you often feel like this? Start writing down in your diary or on your phone how you feel at work each day. Look back at this. If you’re unhappy more than happy, then a new career is what you need.

Assess your feelings and create a plan of where you want to go next. Think about what you want and need from a future career and employer. This will go a long way when finding a happier workplace and happier you in the future.