Here at Point Recruitment we would always recommend that you follow up on job applications. However, especially at times like this, patience is a virtue. Many HR teams, business owners and recruitment teams are now working less hours or working from home. This can mean that responses to job applications will take longer.

There has also been a huge rise in the amount of people applying for jobs. More and more people are looking for work. This means even more job applications need to be reviewed and responded to. This will take more time.

Deciding when you should send a follow-up email is more of an art than a science. It also depends on what your aims from the follow-up are. Do you want to check if your application has been received, or do you want to know how far in the process you are, or even how long the process is? Use any information the recruiting business gives you. For example, if it says 2-3 days and it has been 5 days, then you can email them.

If you haven’t received a receipt of your job application, then contact them just before the deadline. Many employees do send an automated acknowledgement of receipt. Check your spam box as their email may have gone there.

Has the organisation given you any information beyond the initial receipt of job application confirmation? Use your common sense to gauge whether to contact them or not. Is it for a short term, temporary or immediate start position? In which case the employer will want to get the role filled as quickly as possible. However, if it is for a higher-level position then this process may take longer. We would recommend a follow-up a week after the deadline for a quick fill job, and a few weeks for a position at a higher level. Again, this isn’t a science, it’s a rough guide.

If you are applying for a job via a recruitment agency, you could always call the recruitment consultant. They can quickly confirm if you have been put forward for the job. A good recruitment consultant will also be able to give you honest feedback, so you know where you stand.

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