How To Think Outside The Box When Hiring In A Candidate Driven Market

The job market currently favours the candidate. This means you need to think smartly and creatively when it comes to your hiring approach. In this blog post we have put together some ideas to help you think outside the box when hiring in a candidate driven market.

It’s important to remember that every job seeker is likely to have encountered a job application that seems to go on forever at some point. If it is not a candidate driven market and the person is really keen on the job they may stick with the long process. However, there are a lot of other opportunities out there. The business with the quickest job application and hiring process with have the pick of the talent.

We would recommend that you create job applications that are simple and quick to complete. Include questions in the job application that help you learn about the candidate and their work experience, but also why they want to apply. A good amount of questions in a job application is around 3 to 5. These should take no longer 15 minutes to complete.

However, simply posting a job advert and waiting for candidates to complete the job application won’t be as quick and easy as you think. As we said, you need to think outside the box when hiring in a candidate driven market.

Think about ways that you incentivise employee referrals. Your current employees know what is involved in a job and the sort of person that would fit in the business. They will be able to tell others how great it is to work for your business. Why not look at offering rewards or a bonus for employees that refer candidates that you go on to hire?

Take a look through your previous candidates that may not have quite cut the mustard before. Drop them a line to see what they are doing now. If the issue was lack of experience, location, they didn’t drive or similar – this may have changed. This could now be the perfect candidate for you.

Attend local networking events. There will be lots of local events in your area where you can meet local businesses and people in business. You will even find events tailored to certain professionals. Look at ways you can attend these events or even sponsor them.

An absolute must is to contact your local recruitment agency in Huntingdon. Here at Point Recruitment we have over 30 years recruiting experience. We know how to recruit in different markets and can help you find the candidates that you are looking for.