How To Write A Great Cover Letter

Cover letters are an important part of your job application. However, they are also the part that is sometimes forgotten! Your cover letter is what helps you and your CV stand out. Your CV may look the same as everyone else’s, at first impressions. So, a cover letter that gives an overview makes people excited to engage with your CV.

So in this blog post we look at how to write a great cover letter that will help you bag your dream job in Huntingdon.

Go Beyond The CV

You don’t want to just say “please see my attached CV” because this gives the reader no extra detail about you or why they should read your CV. Talk about the jobs you have listed on your CV and how your experience in these job roles makes you suitable for the job vacancy.

Be Personal

Don’t use the same cover letter for each job application. Create a custom cover letter that is personal to you, the job and the reader. If possible use their name in the email for example. Talk about why you want to work for that business and share something you may have heard about them that makes them an attractive employer to you.

Be Yourself

As well as being personal, you need to be you. Make sure you stay polite and professional in your cover letter, but think of ways you can put your personality into the letter. For example, include a warm welcome and a friendly close. Don’t use the standard closing lines, but think about you and how you would say goodbye to someone in person.

Double Check It

It’s brilliant to write a great cover letter, but a typo or grammar error could make your job application fall flat on its face. Take the time to proofread, check and double check your cover letter to ensure it is typo free and sells you in the best possible light.

If you need help finding a new job or writing a great cover letter, contact our team. We can help you get the job of your dreams.