How Will You Close Your Interview Successfully?

If you’ve ever been to an interview before, you’ll know that feeling of the ‘unknown’. You’re left wondering how the interview went and if you may have got the job or not. You might be wondering when you will find out if you’ve got the job or if you’ll ever be contacted by them again. How will you know how long to wait to find out if you have for the job or to presume you haven’t?

Are these common feelings to you? In which case, this is the blog post for you.

We have all heard about making the best possible first impression. But what about the last impression? Closing the interview is arguably just as important as the start of the interview, if not more so. This is especially the case if you’re applying for a sales role. The interviewer will want to see how you close, so they know you can close a sale.

Towards the end of the interview, summarise your interest in the role. This could be done by talking about what interests you about the role and why you think you will be well suited for it. Make sure you get your enthusiasm across. For example, you could thank the interviewer for their time, tell that why you think you’re the right candidate for them and express your excitement for the next step in the interview process.

Don’t be afraid to ask closing questions. Make sure it is a question where they can’t really answer yes or no. Instead, they tell you more about you and you can reassure them by answering any queries or concerns that they might have. For example, if you ask them if they feel you are right for their position based on the skills and experience you have. If they are worried about any skills gaps you can reassure them with other work experience.

If you are feeling confident in your interview you could ask if the interviewer has any reservations about you. This is a very brave question to ask, and it really is dependent on the feel of the interview and the role you are applying for. If the interviewer says that they do, you can deal with these concerns and reassure them. If the interviewer says that they have no reservations as them what the next step is.

When preparing for your interview, remember to prepare for the close of your interview too. A solid close that rounds up who you are why you are right for the role could be what it takes for you to land the job. Make the most of your interview opportunity. Worst case scenario, it’s great practice for the next interview.