“60 per cent of employees say they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental wellbeing” MIND, a mental health charity.

This statistic will come as no surprise to many people, and it really does underline the importance of wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. A happy, supported employee equals a motivated, productive employee, and this ultimately means a healthy bottom line for the business.

Of course, most employers want to promote a happy healthy workforce, and many have a variety of strategies and schemes to promote this. But how do you as an employee look after your mental wellbeing at work?

Take a break

We all need to work hard to be a success but of course there has to be a balance. Try and take a proper break at lunchtime, away from your desk. Maybe you have a staff canteen that you can go to, or maybe you have a nearby park where you could take a walk. A blast of fresh air certainly gets the brain cells firing on all cylinders again!

Healthy eating

Diet plays a vital part in our wellbeing, it not only fuels our bodies but it also keeps us alert and focused at work too. Why not ask your leadership team or manager if they would supply fresh fruit for the team on a weekly basis?


We all have challenges in our jobs which can impact on our frame of mind and make us feel less motivated. Worries may include long hours, heavy workload, changes to our role, lone working, or unrealistic deadlines or targets. Whatever the worry is, talk to your manager and ask for support, it may be that they just have not realised that you felt under pressure, even a great manager cannot read minds! Try and work out a solution together to reduce some of your worries.

Flexible working

Many businesses now offer flexible working and this may be something that could suit you. Flexible working can involve working from home for a portion of your work hours, or arriving early and leaving early. Asking for some flexibility around your working hours may just help you juggle other commitments and give you more of a work-life balance.

There are so many different ways that you can look after your mental wellbeing at work and we have only just scratched the surface. For more information on this, our chosen charity MIND have developed a great document which you can download here.