Interview Red Flags To Watch Out For

The interview process is a revealing time for both parties. It’s a chance for you to show the interviewer why you are the best candidate for the role. However, it also a chance for you to get to know more about the company. While they are vetting you for the job, you should be vetting them as well.

In this blog post we have put together some of the interview red flags that you should look out for when being interviewed for a new job in Cambridgeshire.

  • Are They Clear About Development?

If you are looking for growth and development in your future role, then ask the question. Explain to the interviewer that you are looking to grow and develop within the company. Ask them what opportunities there are for this. Listen to what they say and how they answer the question. If they aren’t clear about development or have training and development targets in place, are you sure this is the right company for you?

  • Meeting The Team

If your role is to be working as part of a team, it’s important that you meet them. While this may not be easy to achieve with a virtual interview, it is possible. If members within your potential new team are not in the interview, you can always ask to meet them. Watch their response and how they react to this request. If it’s no problem then you know that they are company that cares about you the, the employees and the culture of the business. They care about the people within the business and how they work together. If they hesitate, what could be their reason for that?

  • What’s Their Manner?

Look at how everyone communicates with each other. How did the receptionist greet you? Was the interviewer polite to the receptionist? Did you notice any friction between them? Look out for rudeness between the team. You want to join a company where you are shown respect, no matter what level you are at. If the interview is in a coffee shop or similar, look how the interviewer talks to those serving you. Is this a manner in which you are happy to be spoken to?

If you have noticed any of these red flags, then definitely be aware of the company. Take the time to think about if they are the right company for you. Feel free to call our recruitment consultants to talk about the interview and the red flags. They will be able to help you understand your concerns and if they are something you need to worry about.