Job Seeking Frustrations

While the current market is very much a candidate-driven market, there are still a lot of job seeking frustrations that some candidates are facing. Job seeking can be an exciting time. It can also be a frustrating time.

If you are a business looking to hire new staff in this candidate driven market, you need to be aware of these common job seeking frustrations. By avoiding them, you’ll offer a much better candidate experience and be more likely to fill the vacant role with a fabulous candidate.

So, what are these job seeking frustrations that you need to try and avoid?

  • Ghosting

Candidates put in the effort to apply for a job, create the perfect cover letter and amend their CV for the job role. It seems that the business might be interested in you as they send a reply, or maybe they don’t. Then nothing. Radio silence and it feels like you have been ghosted. An ideal way of avoiding this for candidates and clients is to use a recruitment consultant in Cambridgeshire. They can be the middleperson avoiding the risk of radio silence.

  • The Wating Game

It’s understandable that candidates might feel nervous or anxious after their interview. They may feel it has gone well, or that they really messed up. Candidates need that feedback to let them know how the interview went and what the next step is. As a candidate, it’s important you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, attend a few interviews to make sure you choose the right job role and company for you. As an employer or client, don’t make the candidates wait too long. They could be snapped up elsewhere in the meantime.

  • Hidden Stuff

Candidates want to see it all. Wherever possible, show candidates the office they will be working in and introduce them to their team. Talk about the responsibilities of the job and the training available. Through the client showing the candidate everything, both parties know they will be full happy with the job offer and future employment. There is nothing worse for a candidate than starting a job and it being nothing like what they expected. In cases like this, they will just leave.

Looking for a new job? Have a vacancy in your business? Call our recruiters in Cambridgeshire now. We will happily help you find the right fit for you.