Key Points To Include In A Job Description

If you’re looking to hire an excellent new person to join your team, you need to ensure you have an excellent job description to attract them. The market is currently very candidate driven. As an employer, this means that you need to do more to attract a potential employee to your business and your job role. A detailed job description that is well written will help you attract the very best candidates in the talent pool.

What Is A Job Description?

Generally speaking, a job description is an overall summary of the job role. It will include the main duties and responsibilities of the job and what is expected of a person in this role. The job description will list any qualifications or experience that is required. If there are any key skills needed for the job role, this will be included too.

Included in a good job description should be the salary and job benefits. There should be a description of the company and what the company values are. Mission statements and business visions should be included in the job description too. This all helps to give the potential candidate a clear overview of the business, what you’re like and what they will do.

The Key Points To Include In A Job Description

  • Stay Specific

While it may be tempting to get a bit creative with your wording, so it looks more interesting, you need to stay specific. This way there is no confusion or miscommunication. The candidate knows exactly what to expect.

  • Don’t Be Unrealistic

Don’t offer a starter role or a beginner rate of salary and ask for ten years’ experience. Be realistic in your requirements. This will help ensure you get the right skills and person for your business. Remember, you can teach some industry and job skills, but you can’t change a person’s personality!

  • Avoid Discrimination

Be careful of the terms you use and how you word the job description. Keep equal opportunities in mind and avoid being discriminatory. Getting someone to double check your wording can help ensure this is avoided.

  • Review Job Descriptions

If you are often hiring for the same role, then don’t just use the same job description over and over again. Check what the job descriptions are asking for and ensure they are up to date. If you keep getting the wrong candidates or no candidates applying, then you may need to reword the job description instead of just updating it.

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