Most Common Recruitment Agency Misconceptions

As an established recruitment agency in Huntingdon with many years experience, we know that candidates can have some hesitations when it comes to applying for work through recruitment agencies in Huntingdon. After all, there are some less than perfect ones out there!

That is why we chose to put this blog post together. We want to talk about the most common misconceptions in the world of recruitment agencies. We want to show you why it is okay to come to a professional and established recruitment agency. A recruitment agency like Point Recruitment.

  • Recruitment Agencies Take Their Commission From The Workers Pay

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We charge the client for our services and will never charge the candidate. As an agency we are experts in negotiation, we work hard to negotiate the best pay for our candidates so that they are happy to work with us and for our clients. We do earn a commission from the client and this covers the office rent and bills, salaries for our recruitment consultants and other similar overheads.

  • Recruitment Agencies Are All The Same

We know that some recruitment agencies in Huntingdon are the same as others, but that isn’t the case at Point Recruitment. Our team haven’t gained our place as the most established recruitment agency in Huntingdon by doing the same as everyone else. We have specialist recruitment consultants focused on different sectors to offer our clients and candidates the best level of knowledge and understanding.

  • Recruitment Agencies Don’t Know Their Industry

As we have already touched on, what makes Point Recruitment different is that we have experienced recruitment consultants that specialise on sectors and industries that they are experienced in and have a strong understanding of. However, we do appreciate that this is not the case for all recruitment agencies.

  • Recruitment Agencies Put You Forward For Any Job

We have heard some horror stories over the years of candidates going for interviews at jobs that they are totally not suitable for. Here at Point Recruitment we take the time to get to know our candidates, the job, pay and location they are looking for and their personality, so we can find the perfect job for them, in a company that suits their needs.

If you’d like to work with a recruitment agency in Huntingdon that isn’t like the rest then contact us now. We would love to meet you, review your CV and talk about possible job opportunities that may be of interest to you.