Overcoming Redundancy

Finding out that your job role has become redundant is a stressful and upsetting time. You are likely to experience a lot of emotions when you find out about the stability of your job role and the business. That’s okay. It’s okay not to be okay! You might feel worried, stressed, upset, rejected, disappointed, angry, sad and even relieved. It is okay to feel all of these things.

The prospect of finding a new job when you are feeling this way may feel overwhelming and that’s normal too. You have been in your job a while and this was not expected. However, there are a number of steps you can take to make the overcoming redundancy an easier experience.

It’s Not Personal

Remember it is your role that has been made redundant, not you. Redundancy can happen because of a company restructure, merging, cutbacks and more. In a majority of cases it will have been out of your managers hands. It was not a choice of letting you go. Instead it was about letting the job position go.

Try To Be Positive

Keeping it in mind that it wasn’t personal, try and stay positive. This may seem like a set-back, but it could actually be a great opportunity for you. Take the time to think about your job. What were the things you didn’t like about the job? Were you happy with the hours you worked and all of your responsibilities? Did you want more responsibilities, or maybe you wanted less? Use this to think about what you want from your next job.

Update Your CV

While your last job is fresh in your mind, update your CV. Put the job on your CV and talk about the responsibilities you had and the skills you learnt. Reflect on your recent work experience positively and include the highlights of the job and what goals or successes you achieved in the role.

Be Proactive

You are in control of your future. Be proactive to take positive control over the situation. Reach out to your network through social media for any potential opportunities. Pop in and see our professional recruitment consultants in Cambridgeshire to talk about the jobs you are looking for. If you’re not on LinkedIn, then create a profile and start networking.

If you are facing redundancy or just looking for a new job in Cambridgeshire to avoid redundancy, call us now. We will help you overcoming redundancy and find your next job!