During the lockdown and coronavirus outbreak we have noticed that candidate interviews haven’t stopped for our clients recruiting, they have just changed. Employers are now interviewing their candidates online via Microsoft Teams and Zoom as the most popular examples.

In this blog post we would like to share some top rips for preparing to virtually interview candidates. Whether you are looking to recruit new employees now, or when lockdown is over – this is a great way of speaking to candidates and ensuring they are the right fit for your business.

So, here are your top pointers to consider when preparing to virtually interview candidates. If you are being interviewed virtually then you need this blog post.

Test the Technology

Grab a colleague, a family member or friend to have a quick session with you. This will give you a chance to see how the technology works. It also means you can check your camera, audio and lighting. By getting familiar with the technology it will make interviews easier too as you will feel more confident.

Turn Off Distractions

Just as you would put down your phone, turn off your tech and close down the emails for a face to face interview, you need to do the same for your online interviews. Keep those distractions to a minimum. Turn off the TV and put your phone on silence. You may want to consider closing the windows to avoid any outside noise too.

Prepare Your Questions

Just because the interview is online, it doesn’t mean you won’t have the same questions. By having these questions next to you or written down it will save you clicking around to find what you wanted to ask. Make sure you have a notepad to hand too, so you can jot down notes about the candidate and the interview. It’s a good idea to have their CV near you as well. Highlight any key points you wanted to go over with them.

Don’t Over Practice

It’s always a good idea to practice the interview question in advance, but don’t over practice. This can often come across as robotic if you have practised something too much. Keep things simple, don’t ask long winded questions. Always be clear and concise.

Body Language

Just like a real interview, the person can see your body language. Make sure you don’t find yourself hunching over or folding your arms. Instead, give engaging body language that shows that person you are interested in what they have to say. The most important thing to remember when preparing to virtually interview candidates, is to prepare! Preparation is key! From making sure the technology works, to preparing for the interview