Job interviews will often make people feel nervous. It’s because you often feel that there is so much riding on it. But if you plan, plan and plan some more – job interviews really don’t need to be that scary. In this blog post we share some tips to help you nail that job interview.

However, before we start, we have one thing we must tell you. Interviewers will often make their mind up within minutes of you entering the room. It is also good to know that most businesses will recruit on personality, as opposed to skills alone. Be yourself – ‘you’ is what will get you the job.

So, here are our top tips to ensure you are ready to nail that job interview.

Don’t Be Late

It doesn’t look good and won’t start you off on a good foot. Make sure you properly plan your journey in advance and aim to be there early. Worst case scenario you’re there 20 minutes early and you can practice a few questions in the car before you go in. Check the times of local rush hour traffic too. You don’t want this to be the reason you are late.

Dress Right

The first thing the interviewer notices is you. Before you even open your mouth to speak, they see you. Make sure that you are creating the right first impression. Make sure your shoes are polished, your hair is well groomed, clothes are ironed, and you are looking smart. How you look tells the interviewer a lot about your approach to work.

Body Language

I know even as you read this title you immediately straightened up. However, what is your reminder in the interview? You need to make sure you sit straight, and your shoulders are slumped. Try to stay enthusiastic, smile lots and maintain that eye contact. Do a quick mental check before you answer questions to show the interviewer that you really want the job.

Research Them

Make sure you know about the company. One of the first questions you will be asked is ‘what do you know about the company’. This is your chance to show you have done your research. Don’t just parrot what their home page has says. Talk about awards they have won or the values they have that match your own. Show the interviewer why you want to work in their business.

Prepare Questions

Many candidates will prepare for the questions they are asked, but not prepare questions to ask. At the end of almost every single interview, ever, you will be asked if you have any questions. What are the things you want to know about the business? Maybe you want to know if there is room for growth within your role? Perhaps you want to know about the plans of the business? Think carefully about your questions to make the best possible impression at the interview.

Say Goodbye

Think of your close for the end of the interview. This could be the last time they see you before deciding who to employ. End with a brief summary of you and why you want the job in their company. Thank them for their time and wish them a nice day. These small touches are what could make the difference.

If you’re prepared to nail that job interview, but just haven’t found the right job – call us. We have a selection of latest jobs available. Or speak to one of our team about the sort of job you are looking for. Success could be just around the corner for you!