As we slowly come out of the coronavirus pandemic and the world begins to return to normal, we have put together our predicted recruitment trends for winter 2020 and onwards. The world has changed and the way we work has changed too. This is what has bought the recruitment trends for winter 2020 about.

These are the top recruitment trends for winter 2020 that we expect to see. However, it is important to note that many of these trends are already in place. They could also last for many years to come as businesses find their feet with the ‘new normal’.

Remote Working

We believe that business owners will see the benefits of savings of remote workers. We feel that for many people working from home and working remotely will become the new normal.

Virtual Meetings

Whether it’s training, interviews or team meetings, we feel this will stay online long after lockdown regulations are over. Businesses are embracing the technology and tools available and seeing amazing benefits through them.

Career Changes

Due to a rapidly changing job marketplace, we believe more and more people will upskill. During this time of uncertainty, they are upskilling to give themselves more new opportunities for work. It’s also a time for many people to realise their true career passions and move accordingly to a career that better suits their needs and passion.

Online Events

With the quick arrival of the pandemic, quick changes were made. Events and conferences were quickly moved online so attendees could still attend the event or conference. While there were some teething problems for some organisers, the benefits were clear to see for many. Many event organisers also saw much higher numbers of attendees when the events were online, instead of in-person.

More Temp Work

Businesses are looking for contingency and continuity during these uncertain times. For many businesses this has resulted in the creation of many more temporary job positions becoming available. However, many of these positions become temp to perm jobs as the world starts to return to normality.

These are our predictions of the recruitment trends for winter 2020. What do you think?