Remote Working Stats You Need To Know

As the coronavirus lockdown came into place, businesses had to change, and quickly! Some businesses were able to move employees to home working positions immediately. However it took some other businesses a little longer to get the right processes and technology in place.

Now lockdown is being loosened and employees are returning to the workplace; how are your employees managing?

Research on Google found that 77% of employees say that they are actually more productive when they are working from home. If you are bringing them back to the office as things were before, will you notice less productivity? Worse still, could an employee leave for a job where they can work remotely more often or all of the time? Make sure you speak to your employees about your plans but ask their thoughts too.

23% of remote workers have reported that they are working longer hours from home than they would have done if they were working in the office. It is really important that you help to make sure employees don’t work too many hours as this can result in employee burnout. Think about when you are sending emails to your employees and avoid doing this late at night, early in the morning or over the weekends. While you don’t expect them to respond immediately, they may think you do.

We have shared numerous studies in the past about flexible working in our blog posts. Flexible working is something many workers look for when job hunting. Through the lockdown employees have had a chance to experience flexible working. Research shows that 40% of employees think flexible remote working is a perk of the job and one they do not want to lose. This could be nearly a half of your workforce that would like to see flexible remote working in their employment. Is this something you could offer your employees?

There are of course challenges that some remote workers have been facing. For example over half of all employees that have become remote workers during the lockdown have struggled with not seeing their colleagues. Many have felt disconnected from the business or their team. Have a think about your business; is this something your remote workers are experiencing? How can you overcome it?

19% of remote workers also reported a feeling of loneliness when they are working from home. If you are extending home working for your employees, consider ways that these feelings can be reduced.