Should I Consider A Fixed Term Contract? - Job Seeking Candidates

When you are looking for a job there will often be three options of recruitment available to you. The obvious two are temporary recruitment and permanent recruitment. But there is also a fixed term contract that is spoken about a lot less.

The Advantages of a Fixed Term Contract.

  • A fixed-term contract offers valuable experience. It can also be an added bonus for your CV when looking for a permanent role. In some cases a permanent position can be offered at the end of your fixed-term contract.
  • You can sometimes earn more money with a fixed term contract. This is because a company is willing to pay more for someone on a short-term basis for a temporary project.
  • In some industries, sectors and job roles, the only work available to you will be fixed-term contracts. For example, this is the case with software developers. Often workers can get more interesting projects when they are on a fixed-term contract.
  • Fixed-term contract work offers you flexibility. You can work on the things that you’re good at. It means you don’t need to get involved with, or worry about, the things you’re not good at or don’t enjoy. Fixed-contract work gives you the freedom to work when you want to.
  • Through fixed-term contracts you can dip your toe into an industry or job role. You can experience the job and the company but avoid the long-term commitment or staying. While you’re there, you’ll always know there is an end-date in sight.

Disadvantages of Fixed Term Contract Employment Compared To Permanent Work.

  • While fixed-term contracts offer flexibility. However they don’t offer long-term security in the way that permanent employment would.
  • You will do more job hunting and applying for jobs if you are on fixed-term contracts. This is becasue they are less consistent than permanent work.
  • If you spend long lengths of time (years) in fixed-term contracts then you could be considered differently by permanent job recruiters. Especially if you don’t explain your reason for preferring fixed-term contracts.

If you’re considering fixed-term contracts or have been offered a fixed-term contract make sure you weight up the pros and cons. Make the best decision for you. If you’d like to know more about fixed-term contracts or the fixed-term contracts we currently have available then please contact us directly.