Steps To A Successful Career Change

In the past our parents and grandparents got an entry level job with an employer and they stayed with that company for the next 30 years. However things have changes now in the world of work. There are so many different jobs, careers and opportunities out there that it is only normal that you may be considering a career change.

In this blog post we have put together some steps that you need to follow for a successful career change. These steps will help you find your dream job and the perfect career change for you.

  • The first thing you need to do is evaluate your current job satisfaction. Look at things in your job that you enjoy and make you happy, but also look at the parts of your job that you don’t enjoy. This will help you gain a better understanding of what you want from your next jobs, as well as what you don’t want.
  • Now look at all your previous roles and the skills you have gained. This can include volunteering work, first jobs and your current jobs too. Think about what your core values are and how these are being addressed in your current role. If they aren’t then consider how they could be addressed in your next role.
  • Consider different roles and industries. If you love the job you do, but feel there are no challenges then consider changing industry. However, you may find there are certain parts of the job you love so look at ways you could do these more in a future job, but changing job roles or careers.
  • Instead of jumping into a new industry try it out first. This could be done via volunteering for a business in that industry or try out some freelance work doing job responsibilities for that job role. For example if you want to work with animals, volunteer for a local children’s charity. If you want to work in media, try writing a press release for a company.
  • Consider taking an evening class at a local college to gain new skills in your new potential career or industry. You could also look at online courses that will help improve your skills or support you in learning new skills.

These are some of our recommended steps to a successful career change. If you are not sure of the right career change for you or you have a new career in mind but you’re not sure how to get work in that area, call our recruitment consultants. They will be happy to help.