The Advantages Of Shift Work

There are lots of vacancies and jobs out there that offer shift work. For many people, shift work may not be their first consideration or even something that interests them. However, for many workers there can be so many advantages of shift work.

Let’s look at what shift work is, and then we will look at the advantages of shift work.

What Is Shift Work?

Generally speaking, shift work is when you work hours outside of the normal 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Shift work is very common in various industries. For example, shift work is popular in catering, warehouses, factories and hospitals. By offering a range of days and hours to cover different shifts, businesses and organisations can remain staffed without individual employees working extremely long shifts. Instead, employees can return to each shift feeling relaxed and well rested.

In 2020, it was reported that almost 14% of the workers in the UK did some sort of shift work.

When looking for your next job, why not consider shift work? Below we have listed some of the many advantages of shift work. With the busy lives we all lead, you may find that shift work could be ideal for you. Many people find it to be more practical for a number of reasons.

The Advantages Of Shift Work

  • With shift work you have a flexible choice of hours and shifts. These can then fit around the other commitments you have such as studying, setting up your own business, school pick ups or caring for family members.
  • You may have varied work within your role. This can charge from week to the next as your shifts change. Many workers like this as it gives them a change in work and stops them becoming bored or complacent.
  • Many parents find that shift work is ideal for busy families. One parent can work shifts around the working hours of the other parent. This often helps avoid the need for expensive childcare or relying on other family members and after school clubs.
  • You can use your shift work to enable a better work life balance. This means that you can still enjoy your hobbies and favourite pastimes, while in employment.
  • If you commute to work, you will notice quicker commute times for shift work. This is since shift work often avoids those rush hours and heavy traffic times.
  • Many shift workers will receive increased rates of pay for working shifts at night or over the weekend.

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