The Benefits Of Job Hunting In January

New Year is the time for change. We look at the year behind us; think about what we have achieved and where we want to be this time next year. We look at the New Year as the time for a new start – and in many cases this is a new job! Will you be job hunting in January?

So why is January a great time for job hunting?

  1. ‘New Year – New You’ can be seen in nearly everything you read. From diet clubs and estate agents, to clothes shops and gyms. We get told everywhere that a new year means a new you and we believe it. This means lots of people move jobs, so more jobs are available.


  1. While writing your resolutions, write a list of companies you would like to work for and job roles you would like to have. Use the New Year goals enthusiasm to think about the jobs you want, and not ‘if’ you could get them.


  1. People all over the UK are looking for new jobs, so your future employer could be looking to fill their roles when they leave. By having your CV ready you can apply for the job as soon as it comes up. Make sure you speak to a professional recruitment consultant about your dream job and they can have you ready for when it comes in.


  1. January is often the time that companies have their budgets for the year ahead, a company you applied for a job role with before could now be able to offer you the salary you required so keep an eye out for new jobs at companies you are interested in working at.


  1. You’ll often get the feeling with the ‘New Year, New You’ slogan being everywhere, that you could or should be achieving more. Use this to spur you on in your job search. If you see an opportunity then jump on it, using the help of your recruitment consultant to give you the best possible chance of gaining it.


Are you looking for a new job in the New Year? Contact our team of recruitment consultants in Huntingdon to see the job opportunities that we currently have available, and potential new jobs that are ideal for you.