The Consequences Of A Bad Hire

A bad hire may sometimes be unavoidable. A candidate can have a brilliant CV and be superb at interview. However, when they start working for you, something just doesn’t quite fit. This can be very frustrating and time consuming, especially if work is busy and you need to train a new hire.

There are some huge consequences of a bad hire. We look at some of the main consequences of a bad hire below. If you want help ensuring that you have a strong recruitment and selection process, speak to our team of professional recruiters in Huntingdon. We can help ensure that you get the right hire for your business.

So, let’s look at some of the consequences of a bad hire for your business.

  • Lost Productivity

If you have a bad hire or a new employee who is unable to do their job properly, this is using up time. You may need extra employees on your team to support the bad hire. This takes them away from their job role. In turn, this has impact of the results of the team. The result of this is lost productivity for the business. Targets are missed, standards and lowered and less work is getting completed.

  • Poor Team Morale

A bad hire will often be working below capacity. This may be due to lack of skills, motivation or interest. Whatever the reason, this will have a knock-on affect to the rest of the workforce. One of the first things this will affect is team morale. Other employees in your team will have to pick up the slack while trying to support the new hire. This can cause a lot of tension and conflict. This is especially the case if colleagues are on the same salary but doing more work than others for the same pay.

  • Monetary Costs

It doesn’t just cost time to hire new employees, it costs money to hire employees and replace them. An organisation needs to create job descriptions, advertise roles, read CVs and filter application forms. The interviews need to be arranged and conducted too. This is all being done while the business is running without the number of employees required. There is also the training and inducting of the employee. If you choose to use a recruitment agency in Huntingdon, this will speed up the recruitment process and make it easier. But a recruitment agency will charge for their skills.

If you would like to avoid these consequences of a bad hire, speak to our team. We will take the time to understand your business, your team and the position. Based on this, we will help find the right employee for your business.