The Current Recruitment Market

The key take-away from the July KPMG and REC research entitled UK Report on Jobs, is also about change. It seems that between July and December 2021 is the time that people will be looking for new jobs. This comes as businesses start to bring employees back to the office, employees reassess their future goals and look at ways to get that work-life balance back.

The research in the UK Report on Jobs also showed that there has been a further sharp drop in candidate availability. On top of this, starting salaries are at a 24-year high. Along with the drop in candidates and the rise in starting salaries, there has also been another surge in recruitment activity.

This has been classed as the perfect storm for job seekers.

But what does it mean for you as an employer?

We are working with our clients to help them take this opportunity to review their employee packages and work on their employee engagement. We are emphasising on employee retention and upskilling. It is essential that employers ensure that their workforce are fulfilled and feel valued within this business. This is what will keep them, and their skills, within your business.

It’s a good idea to look at your offerings to your existing employees. By upping these or adapting them it could pay dividends. It is currently a very strong candidate-driven market. We believe it will be a lot more cost-effective to invest in your existing team and focus on upskilling them, as opposed to trying to recruit and train new employees.

This then creates the company culture you want for when new employees join the team as the business grows.

Take the time to ask your team if they are happy. Ask if you are giving them what they want and ask them what it is they want. Speak to your team about their career goals and aspirations. Talk to your team about any changes they would make in the business or in their job role. It is important that when you ask these questions you are actively listening. You then need to make strong actions to retain your most important assets, your loyal employees.

If you are currently recruiting, you need an attractive job package to really grab a candidate’s attention. Call our professional recruitment consultants to talk through your vacancy and the package. They will recommend any changes to help ensure you land the perfect candidate for your role.