The Disadvantages of Using Recruitment Agencies in Huntingdon

It’s not very usual that you will find a recruitment agency discussing the disadvantages of using recruitment agencies in Huntingdon. Yet here we are, doing exactly that. While working with a recruitment agency will help you find work sooner and speed up the recruitment process, we know there are some disadvantages too.

We have listed the most common disadvantages of using recruitment agencies in Huntingdon below for you.

You’ll Be Competing with Similar Candidates

One issue of working with recruitment agencies in Huntingdon is that you will be one of a number of candidates registered with that agency. You may feel that the recruitment agency has lots more candidates on their books, as well as you, all of which boast the same skills and experiences.

However, with a recruiter on your side to assist you in matching your skills and values with the right employer and job role, you can be sure that we will help you find the best job for you. If anything we will help the employer choose you as the right candidate for their business and that decision will be made faster too.

You Won’t Get All the Info Upfront

There will be information that is missing in the job advert, such as the company name or exact salary. While this can be infuriating for candidates, it is done to help the company. The recruitment agency will be taking the stress of filtering the CVs of candidates to just pick out the best candidates for the company.

As a recruiter for the company your recruitment consultant will have loads of inside knowledge about the company and the employer, that you wouldn’t get if you applied by yourself. This means you’ll have a competitive advantage over other candidates that apply for the same role and company.

Agencies Get Paid To Fill Roles

While you know that your recruitment consultant will be earning money when they fill the role for the company, you may fear that they are just trying to get bums on seats. Therefore they will grab anyone and everyone to fill the job roles and you might not get a look in.

However, it is the complete opposite. Every time that a recruitment consultant puts someone forward for a job, they are putting their reputation on the line. If the candidate is not right for the company, the recruitment consultant often gets the blame, and not the candidate. A recruitment consultant will only put the best candidates forward for the job. If that is you, they will do everything they can to ensure you bag your dream job, because then they get their fee too!

There are disadvantages of using recruitment agencies in Huntingdon, but hopefully this blog post shows that these can be advantages too.