The Key Skills You Need To Thrive in 2020

We are learning new skills and experiences all the time. Think back 30 years when social media wasn’t a thing. Now there are millions of people all the time using social media. They are learning new ways of getting the most from social media. This is just one example of the hundreds and thousands of things we are learning all the time.

But what are the key skills you need to thrive in 2020? What skills do employers need from their workforce? By having the key skills you need to thrive in 2020, you will be extremely popular to many employers looking to hire these skills into their business.

Complex Problem Solving

Every day there are new and exciting challenges within the workplace that businesses need to overcome. If you can prove that you have strong problem solving skills, you could find yourself in a leadership position quickly as these are skills employers’ needs from the leaders within their organisations.

People Management

There are so many statistics out there that show people don’t leave a job they hate. Instead people leave a manager they hate. Everyone is different and motivated by different things. While a pay rise may be of interest to one person, a simple pat on the back for a job well done is the motivation another employee needs. Good people management skills are the ability to understand people and what motivates them.

Emotional Intelligence

We have spoken to lots of employers that want employees with emotional intelligence more than they require strong industry experience or technical skills. Spend your time with emotionally intelligent people that you respect. This way you can learn their traits and become more emotionally intelligent yourself.

Cognitive Flexibility

In many businesses, things can change from one moment to the next. What is at the top of your priority list one minute, it isn’t at the top the next minute. You need to be able to show a potential employer that you have the ability to quickly switch from one task to the next.

These are just some of the skills that employers are currently looking for. If you have these skills make sure that they are clear to see on your CV and cover. This way you quickly show your potential employer that you are the candidate they are looking for. You are showing them that you have the skills they need.