The Most Sought After Cyber Skills By Employers

According to research by Indeed the most sought after cyber skills can be very lucrative. Some of these roles are well above the nation al average salary of £27,600, coming in at £45,851 per annum.

Job roles like IT Security Specialist are the most in-demand role in the UK at present. The second most sought after job role in cyber security is Security Engineer. However, the role of IT Security Specialist has almost 3 times more vacancies currently available, than Security Engineer.

So what are the top 5 most sought after job roles and cyber skills sought after by employers?

  1. IT Security Specialist
  2. Security Engineer
  3. Cyber Security Consultant
  4. Security Information Analyst
  5. IT Auditor

However, we all know how much cyber security encompasses so many different areas. There is a great need for cyber skills in almost all areas, and we are sure these areas will continue to grow.

Currently we are seeing businesses move their IT to the cloud. As this migration continues as part of a company’s digital transformation, hands on cloud security experience and cyber skills will be required by more and more employers.

There are lots of new roles arising in the world of cyber security too. Cyber skills for incident response, security operations analysts, technical security analysts, threat intelligence and vulnerability management are all required as these new roles are needed within businesses.

Cyber and technology experts feel that there will be a significant increase in the requirements for security practitioners to be able to support organisations in dealing with regulations. The biggest and most recent example of new regulations was the GDPR (General Date Protection Regulation). This was a regulation that has business owners looking for experts with the skills to help them manage any changed within the business to get them GDPR compliant.

Do you have an interest in cyber security? Perhaps you have cyber skills that are being put to use but you’re looking for that next challenge? Contact us to see if we have the right role waiting for you.