As with any industry there are myths and misunderstandings surrounding the recruitment agencies. In this blog post we look at some of the more common myths of the recruitment agency. We then help you understand if they are true or not. Think of it as myth busting for the world of recruitment.

  • Recruitment Is Easy

Some business owners may believe that recruitment is easy. It is often through that recruitment consultants just collect and send on CVs and the business owner does the real work. However, that’s not the case. As clients of Point Recruitment know, we work hard to save our clients time, money and stress. We source the right candidates for the business, we interview candidates that we are think are suitable. The best of these candidates and their CVs are then sent to our clients.

  • Recruitment Consultants Are In It For The Money

We are all in our jobs to get paid, everyone in the world works for the money. However, the world of recruitment is not easy. Unlike being a salesperson with reliable products to sell, recruitment consultants are selling people. People are not always ‘reliable’. They could be off sick, change their minds, start at another job, have to be off for their children and more. Salespeople may love their jobs for the money. However, recruitment consultants love their jobs for the people they meet and the job satisfaction of helping a candidate land their dream job.

  • Recruitment Agencies Are Just Job Centres

This is a really common myth of recruitment agencies. Unlike a job centre, we have clients and candidates. When a client comes to us looking for a new employee in their business, we will often have candidates ready and waiting that we have taken the time to get to know. It’s the same for clients. When we meet a candidate and get to know them better, we understand them as people. We can then call our clients and say we have the perfect candidate for their business culture. They’ll often interview the candidate even if they didn’t have a vacancy, but they agree they are the perfect candidate.

  • Small Agencies Can’t Manage Big Firms

If this was the case, we wouldn’t have over 30 years under our belts. Yes, we may be one of the smaller recruitment agencies in Cambridgeshire. However, we have been in the same place on Huntingdon High Street since we began. As a smaller team it means we get to know our clients better. This means we can find the right candidates for their vacancies. It’s not about getting people in to do the job. For us, we want to find the right people for the position and the company, so the candidate and the client are happy. This then helps the business grow, and more vacancies are placed with us in the future.

If you want to find out what a recruitment agency is really like, give us a call. You can come in and meet the team, see what we get up to and ask how we do it too.