It’s always a good idea to prepare for an interview. Just as you would revise for an exam, you need to revise for your interview too. Having a practice interview with a friend, family member, loved one or colleague is a great way of practising interview questions. But, where do you start? There are literally hundreds of questions that an interviewer could ask you.

Below we have put together the top five most common interview questions. According to Google, these are the five questions that are most likely to be asked by employers in an interview.

  1. Can You Tell Me About Your Experience At…?

Your interviewer will have looked at your CV and seen where you have worked. Make sure you are clear on your CV about your responsibilities. Take the time to talk about the job role they ask about. Explain what your job was, the extra responsibilities you took on and the parts of your job you enjoyed. Look for ways to tie this in with the job you are being interviewed for.

  • Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

This is your chance to explain why you think you are perfect for the job advertised. Explain the skills you have and how you can use them within this company. Do some research on the company before the interview too. If they have won an award, for example, then include that you want to work for an award-winning company like them.

  • What Do You Know About Us?

This is a way for the interviewer to see if you have done your research and really want to work for them. Make sure you look past the first page of their website before the interview. Look out for their name in the local press, any charity work they have done, awards they have won and how long they have been established.

  • Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

The most important thing to remember when answering this question is to keep it positive. Do not use this as an opportunity to complain, moan about and bad mouth an old employer. Instead, talk about the skills you have gained and that you feel ready to take that next step. Again, make it relevant to the job you’re being interviewed for and also use information from their website too.

  • Tell Me About Yourself

This is the most commonly asked interview question, so make sure you are prepared and practised for it. It will cover your opening statement on your CV and your hobbies and interests. You are using this opportunity to talk about who you are at work, but also who you are in a personal sense too. This will help the interview learn more about you and the sort of employee you will be in their company.

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