The Top Mistakes Made By Job Seekers On Social Media

It’s important to remember as a job seeker that all good employers will do thorough candidate research. This will include checking references and looking at the previous companies you have worked for too. They will also check out the social media presence of a potential candidate too.

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media platform, it could be looked at. StandOut CV did some research which looked at common mistake’s employers had seen on the social media accounts of potential employees. These were also common mistakes that put the employer off hiring that candidate.

  • 75% of employers saw lots of offensive language on a potential candidate’s social media account and this resulted in them not employing that candidate.
  • 70% of employers viewed a potential candidates social media presence and saw references to drug usage. This resulted in the candidate not being offered the job they had applied for.
  • 50% of employers saw poor spelling and bad grammar throughout the social media posts of a potential candidate. From this they chose not to employ the candidate.
  • 47% of employers noticed multiple nights and days of drunken behaviour across the social media accounts of the potential candidate. They chose not to employ the candidate based on this.
  • 29% of employers were put off of a candidate due to multiple social media posts of political activity and sharing strong or argumentative political views. The candidates were not offered the job based on these findings.
  • 26% of employers found that potential candidates that cared a lot about their vanity, as clearly shown on the candidate’s social media, was a trait that resulted in them not being offered the job.

You can agree or disagree that employers should or shouldn’t view the social media of a candidate they are looking to employ all you want. However, it happens. Many employers will check the social media presence of potential candidates as a form of due diligence. They want to make sure they employ the right person for their business, someone that fits with their team and company culture.

If you are currently job hunting in Cambridgeshire, make sure your social media presence portrays the best possible ‘you’.