Milkround, a job board for graduates, recently researched over 1,000 of their users. One of the questions that the users were asked was how graduates felt about buzzwords and jargon in job adverts and job descriptions. The research found that nearly 85% of all graduate job seekers looking for work are put off by these buzzword and jargon filled job adverts.

We are seeing lots of terms such as blue sky thinkers, self-starters and plate spinners. But let’s be honest, is that actually what we are looking for and will the right candidates really come through the door?

If you ask for a blue sky thinker are you looking for a pilot? After all they are literally blue sky thinkers? Or are you actually looking for someone that will look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes and be willing to share their ideas with you and their colleagues to better the business?

You may have an advert for a plate spinner, and someone from the local circus applied for the job. Is that the candidate that you are looking for? Alternatively were you in fact looking for someone that can manage lots of different tasks at once without feeling overwhelmed or missing any tasks?

Creating a job advert for a social media ninja could get you a black belt from the local martial arts and karate club that shares what they do on Facebook. Is that really the candidate you want for your business, or do you just want someone that understands social media and can improve the social media presence of your business.

There are loads of terms, buzzwords and jargon out there. These include guru, geek, ninja, wizard, storyteller, superstar, rock star, maestro, dynamo and overlord. You may think we are messing around with some of these names and words, but they have genuinely been seen in job adverts in the last 6 months. There are buzzword ninjas out there using them right now!

By using the latest buzzwords you could be turning away great quality candidates that would be perfect for your business. However you could also be wasting your time as the wrong type of candidates with the wrong skills will apply for your role.

Don’t be a buzzword ninja; just say what you want!

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