Top Job Interview Tips You Have Not Been Told Before

Job interviews can be scary and stressful experiences for many candidates. As recruiters in Huntingdon we know how nervous our candidates can get before an interview. However, there are ways that you can get the upper hand over other candidates. We have put together some job interview tips you have not been told before.

These job interview tips you have not been told before are things other applications for the job may not have been told. This means it will put you ahead of the game in the interview process.

  1. Research The Company Past The Homepage

The other candidates will have thought to research the company, but they will stop at the home page. Take your company research to the next level. Go through the team members and see if you have anything in common with them. Check out any quarterly business reports, successes, press releases or awards the business has won. Take a look through the blog posts too. Mention these things in the interview and it will show the interview you really did your homework.

  • Use Google Alerts

Setting up a google alert for the business or industry in the run up to the interview is a great way to be sure you’re up to date. Type in the company name and their industry, you’ll then be alerted of any new news. This will give you some fresh knowledge to share in your interview. The person interviewing you will be really impressed. Just remember to turn them off as you enter the interview or your phone could be going off and this will create a bad impression.

  • Interview Timing

If you are given choices for interview times try and avoid first thing Monday or last thing Friday. These are known as bookends and your interview will be focusing on the week ahead or the weekend plans. Try and avoid lunchtime interviews too. Instead, according to research, the best time for an interview in 10.30am on Tuesday as this is when the interviewer will be in their best state of mind.

  • Talk About Your CV

Interviewers will often ask you to talk them through your CV. This isn’t because they haven’t read it before the interview. Instead they want to hear it from you and see your personality. Craft your story about who you and how various positions have improved your skills for your next job. Be engaging and passionate about your roles. Where possible talk about how a responsibility in a previous job will help you if you got this job.

  • Wear Something Different

There are two reasons for wearing something different or something that stands out. One reason is that it makes you memorable from other candidates. The other reason is that it is a conversation starter. This could be some costume jewellery, a charity pin badge or patterned tie for example. It will help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.